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Save Money by Upgrading to Water and Energy Saving Devices for the Home & Industries
Welcome to Redeem Renewable Energy
Redeem Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. came into existence with an aim to tap the immense potential of Renewable Energy Resources like Solar, Hydro and Wind in India and overseas. We offer turnkey solutions and EPC services for Renewable Energy Projects. We are well equipped with a skilled design, engineering and support team capable of providing quick, smart and customized solutions.
Solar Photovoltaic (SPV)

The Photovoltaic System is at the vanguard of ensuing solar revolution in the energy market. Photovoltaic technology uses PV Panels to convert daylight into electricity. With its wide-ranging applicability and great scalability, it can be used for small intensity applications like solar lantern, just as good as for powering up big industrial houses.

Solar Water Heating

We are offering a wide range of Solar Water Heaters. We offer solar water heaters that are used to generate hot water for residential and industrial. These are cost efficient, energy efficient and environment friendly, which can be used in all kinds of climate

AC LED Lighting Solutions

C Powered LED lights lasts about 60 times longer than standard incandescent lighting, uses 60 to 90% less energy, unmatched durability – 50,000 to 120,000 hour expected life with Zero maintenance providing a perfect lighting solution.

Redeem Gasification systems

Redeem Gasification systems are a simple and reliable solution for bringing down the fuel cost by over 50%. It converts solid biomass into clean combustible gas (producer-gas) by means of a process known as thermal gasification.

Advantage Of Redeem Gasifier

Redeem gasification systems have a number of unique features that make them an ideal solution for Industrial Heat & Power.

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