Universal Gasifiers
These gasifiers are based on entrained-flow principle and have the ability to convert a practically any biomass into high quality producer gas with negligible tars. The only limitation in this gasifier is the fuel size, which is to be limited to < 2 mm. The universal gasifier is unique in its ability to gasify even poor fuels like Soya Husk, Mustard stalk, etc that contains high ash and has poor flow properties.

The technology with its unique reactor design and the efficient dry-feeding system is based on more than 15 years of continuous product development.

Main features of Redeem Powdery Biomass Gasification Technology:

» High carbon conversion: 98 %

» Shorter start-up time

» High availability and low maintenance

» Tar free raw producer gas

The universal gasifier is best suited for applications that have medium to large thermal energy requirements, typically starting from 1 MW (100 lph diesel equivalent)

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