Redeem Briquetting Plants
How we propose to help
» High quality in design, components & manufacturing
         * Superior design for lesser shock load and vibration
         * Forged US LII tested crankshaft
         * High quality, tested materials for bearing
         * Best quality sub components for trouble free continuous operation
         * High performance integrated oil cooling & pumping unit with zero leakage
» Factory tested system
» Every machine is factory tested on full load before dispatch
» Rotary type roasters
» Aluminium Melting /Annealing Furnaces

How we propose to help
» Operator friendly design
» "Total" control panel for highest degree of control and protection
» Ergonomic & compact design for hassle free operation
» Simple and Uncomplicated standard operations

Simple and Low cost maintenance
» Longer service intervals
» Service friendly design for quick & easy maintenance
» Lowest cost & longer life wear parts
» Quickest wear part replacement time

Compact & Complete
» Compact system ( 3.2m x 0.75 m x 1.5 m)
» Mono bloc design for oil pump and all small drives
» Engineered customer specific layout for reduced manpower and better process flow control.
» Factory assembled system with zero onsite installation requirement

Lowest Power Requirement
» Energy Efficient design for least power consumption
» Lesser connected loads
» Highest operating load factor

High Performance dryer
» High quality in design, components & manufacturing
» Flexi design dryer capable of wide input moisture variation from 15% - 45%
» Two chamber furnace design for maximum efficiency and minimum spark carry over
» Only dryer with spark arrestor for maximum fire safety
» Fine moisture control capability
» Thicker dryer columns for longer life
» Superior insulation for high thermal efficiency
» Backward curved radial blower for maximum efficiency and longer impeller life
» High efficiency cyclone for minimum pollution and material loss

Warranty & Service
» One year warranty with free service
» Dedicated engineering team for quick & effective service

Firsts & Bests
» First manufacturer with technology to briquette 100% coir pith
» First manufacturer with technology to briquette 100% rice husk
» Only manufacturer with technology to briquette wax impregnated saw dust
» Only manufacturer with technology dies for high strength biomass pellets for gasifier application
» Best (lowest) specific energy consumption

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