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Redeem Gasification systems are a simple and reliable solution for bringing down the fuel cost by over 50%. It converts solid biomass into clean combustible gas (producer-gas) by means of a process known as thermal gasification. Redeem Gasifier offers all the advantages associated with using gaseous and liquid fuels such as clean combustion, compact burning equipment, high thermal efficiency and a good degree of control just like conventional diesel burner.

The gasification system can be physically isolated from the combustion system & the producer gas can be piped from the gasifier (which may be located outside the plant building) to the ovens/furnaces etc located in the plant building and hence the handling of fuel and ash removal can be away from the actual working area.

The producer gas produced by Gasifier can be burnt in specially designed burners, in place of fossil fuels like F.O/L.D.O/Diesel/LPG/CNG. Thus, expensive liquid/gas fuels can be effectively replaced by low cost wood/Biomass without any changes in operations, temperature profile, temperature control and cleanliness in the plant area.

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